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A world-class economy

Salzgitter its products are known all over the world, and it is not just the Salzgitter AG that can make this claim.
MAN Busbau. Großbildansicht

The Salzgitter group comprises well over 80 national and international subsidiaries and companies in which it has shares. It is among Europe's leading steel concerns, with a raw-steel capacity of some 9 million tons annually. In the areas of profile and flat steel the firm, with its 17.800 employees, is among Europe's top five and in the pipe business it is a world leader. In its integrated foundry Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH produces warm and cold broad strip as well as surface-refined and layered steel products, mainly for automobiles and household implements.

Including the subsidiaries, some 8.500 people are employed in Salzgitter itself. Volkswagen Salzgitter is the second largest engine factory in the world. Some 8.000 petrol and diesel engines with 270 variations are produced daily. They power the VW concern's various models and marks, such as Golf, Polo, Lupo or New Beetle, commercial and Seat vehicles. Even the engines for the top-of-the-range models Phaeton, Touareg, Audi A8 and the 1001 hp Bugatti Veyron are 'Made in Salzgitter'. Besides this the factory produces engine parts for works in other places. A further project of the engine factory is boat engines. June 2001 saw the first delivery of the VW Marine series engines. Volkswagen Salzgitter employs some 7.000 people. 

They're on all the roads: super modern touring coaches and local buses as well as lorries made by MAN. In Salzgitter the firm's 2.900 employees make lorries, axles and crankshafts. In 2003 the factory produced almost 10.000 heavy lorries. Salzgitter is also the headquarters of the NEOMAN Bus GmbH, founded in 2001. Here some 1.375 employees develop, produce and sell all of MAN and NEOPLAN'S bus chassis. MAN took over the factory in 1972 from Büssing, for many years a well-known Brunswick concern.

Another well-known firm, with roots in Silesia, is ALSTOM LHB, with a world-wide reputation for offering the best solutions for track-bound traffic. Some 2.700 highly qualified employees develop and produce rail vehicles for home and abroad, from Copenhagen to New Delhi. The palette of products comprises the complete programme for local, regional, longdistance and goods traffic, as well as comprehensive service, from maintenance to renovation and spare parts. Comfortable regional railcars, innovative urban and regional trams, roomy double-decker trains, long-distance coaches, powerful underground trains and modern goods trucks - ALSTOM LHB Salzgitter produces them all.

Another major employer, with a workforce of 1.900, is the Robert Bosch Elektronik GmbH. Until the 1980s its main products were car radios (Blaupunkt) and television sets. In 1979 it began producing electronic regulators for internal-combustion engines and now it is entirely given over to automobile technology. Heading the list of products are engine regulators for motor-vehicle factories all over the world. Nowadays the factory co-ordinates the global production of Bosch engine regulators and is the competence centre for production methods in conductor-plate technology.

However, the large firms are only one side of Salzgitter's economic structure. Medium-sized firms have been successful with their intelligent products, typically for the motor-vehicle industry, pharmaceuticals, plasticandwood manufacture, electronics, fine mechanics and paper. The Swedish furnisher IKEA chose the town as its largest global distribution centre. Rounding off the economy are forward-looking craftsmen and a productive agricultural sector on excellent soil. Promoting economic development is in the hands of WIS, the municipal society for promoting the economy and innovation.

There have been additions to the service sector, with its banks, trade and commerce. Salzgitter is the seat not only of the Department of Traffic and Transportation Management of the Brunswick/Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences but also of the Federal Office for Radiation.

The municipal structure is permanently subject to change. The AWO-Junior-University Campus Salzgitter enjoys great and steadily increasing popularity. Its programmes appeal to all boys, girls and youngsters who are interested in scientific questions. And of course the town has an efficient adult education facility and closely networked opportunities for further education within the professions.

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