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Events, art and culture

Jazz, rock, blues, fêtes, art exhibitions, concerts, workshops - Salzgitter its calendar of events is full to bursting. Indoors or outdoors.
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The activities are arranged by enthusiastic cultural societies, concert agencies and municipal offices specializing in literature, music, photography, theatre and other aspects. Classical-music lovers are in for a really special treat during the Ringelheim Organ Days in May and the Music Days in October.

The climax of it all is the Summer of Culture at Château Salder, all live and (nearly always) under the open skies, with music and cabaret stars. They also fascinate the public throughout the year in the popular venues of the Culture Barn in Old-Lebenstedt and Kniestedt Church in Salzgitter-Bad. Lower Saxony's Jazz and Rock Workshop with the Drum Parade, and the Drummer Meeting with top German and international drummers attract an audience from well beyond the region.

Modern experimental art is well supported, with sculpture playing a leading role. Various exhibition sites, such as those at Château Salder or beside Lake Salzgitter, display work in widely varying materials by famous German and international artists. There is also the sculpture trail in Salzgitter-Bad, which numbers among its exhibits works by Jean Ipousteguy and Menashe Kadishman. Also in Salzgitter-Bad you can come across echoes of the past, such as the Klesmer, itinerant Salzgitter musicians, who were so poor they were forced to wander round the world playing for a living in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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