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Thermal saline bath
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The powerful saline spa

Salzgitter drills into the earth its interior in pursuit of health. In Salzgitter-Bad the water, with 25% natural thermal saline content, bubbles up from a depth of 200 metres.
Thermalsolbad Foto: Thermalsolbad Salzgitter Großbildansicht

The spring is one of the most powerful in Central Europe, first documented in 1125. From the Rosengarten in the heart of the old town its water is pumped to the thermal saline bath where there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a Finnish-type sauna and a steam sauna, with a saline plunge pool.

The Medical Department uses the water in many ways for therapeutic bathing. Guests can take advantage of highly enjoyable thermal baths in the Bathing- and Health Centre. There they will find a quiet corner with a bar and open-air garden with a view of the Harz Mountains. People taking the cure can choose from a long list of treatments: thermal-saline phototherapy, thermal treatments in an agitated saline pool, saline- and freshwater baths with medicinal additions, physiotherapy, classic massage, connective-tissue massage, manual lymph drainage, reflex-zone foot massage, fango packs, hot-air- and cold therapy, medical chiropody, cosmetic treatment and ergotherapy.

The thermal-saline bath alleviates rheumatic and respiratory diseases and is beneficial for post-operative conditions, rehabilitation after accidents, and female and dermatological problems, especially psoriasis and neurodermitis. In Germany Salzgitter-Bad leads the way in treating psoriasis. Sufferers need not travel to the Dead Sea to combat this chronic skin problem. It is the combination of absorbed natural thermal saline and selective ultra-violet phototherapy (SUP) that is so effective. Neurodermitis, severe acne and some rare skin conditions can be improvedby employing modified thermal-saline phototherapy.

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